The story of Roomlala

Roomlala is the idea of a young entrepreneur who wanted to help young people find accommodation more easily in big cities . Philippe Roualle himself experienced the long queues when visiting apartments, the disappointment in front of the small 10m² apartments on the sixth floor without a lift and the exorbitant rents of large cities. It was when he received a family friend at his home, who had come for a 2-month internship in Paris, that he said to himself that there were surely many families whose children had left home, leaving behind empty rooms. An untapped housing potential that would delight many students!

And what is Roomlala?

In 2009, Philippe joined the small family of the collaborative economy and launched Roomlala (under the name Chambrealouer.com at the time): a platform for connecting owners and tenants for the rental of rooms in private homes. It is not a real estate agency since it is the individuals among themselves who agree on the rental. It's very simple, everything happens online: the owner submits an advertisement in which he describes his accommodation and the room made available. The tenant, for his part, searches for available accommodation in the city of his choice and contacts the owners whose advertisements interest him. Everyone is a winner: in addition to the moments of conviviality shared, the owner earns additional income and the tenant pays a much lower rent than for a studio or an apartment .

The site has already enabled 3.2 million contacts through 42,000 ads for rooms to rent in some forty countries. Today, Roomlala's strength lies in its community of more than 1.8 million members. All have lent themselves to the game and are participating in the boom in the rental of rooms in private homes around the world!

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